Upcoming Schedule/Goals *updated*

I’m a huge believer in setting goals. Whether it’s something to give you an extra push to get out on the trails or it’s a big race at the end of a long training block. Goals motivate us. With that being said, we have some pretty lofty goals for the rest of 2016 and into 2017.  The Bandera 100k (Josh) on Jan 7,2017 and the LOViT 100k (Summer) on Feb 27,2017 are the goal races that we will be working towards. It will be the first time going after the 100k distance for both of us. The lead up to the races are shaping up, here’s our race schedule:

-Larry’s Run (Road) 8 miles-9/17/16

-Arkansas Traveler 100 mile (Crew/Pace)- 10/1/16

-Run Bentonville Goblin Run 5k (Road)-10/29/16

-Ozark Highlands Endurance Run (Trail) 34 miles- 11/5/16

-Ginger Runner Virtual Run (Trail)- 11/19/16

-LOViT Marathon (Trail)- 12/3/16

-Back 40 Trail Run 40 miles- 12/10/16-JH

-Bandera 100k  (Trail)- 1/7/17-JH

-White Rock 50k (Trail)-2/4/17

-LOViT 100k (Trail)- 2/26/17-SH

We will do our best to keep up to date on how training is going. We also plan to review each event that we participate in, as well as some gear that gets used.


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