Motivation: How I get some? 

Everyday I struggle with motivation. Mine doesn’t come in the form of the next race or event. It’s like a slippery fish, hard to keep ahold of. It’s comes in different forms: a pictures,  a phrase, a song that hits me just at the right moment, but most important, my thoughts. If I can’t get my thoughts/mind on board, then I can’t get my body on board.

There are times when I’m running through the woods and I imagine that my son is in front of me, just beyond my vision and I need to catch him. I imagine that the top of his head is barely visible or hear his little giggle around the corner, but that’s just one of my motivational techniques that I use.

Another technique is to think about my goals. Not events, but my physical goals, where I want to be in my fitness. How many miles I want to run at a certain pace. How may sprints I can do in a specific time period. This is usually how I get my brain on board.

Then there are those times that I can feel my motivation slipping through my fingers like water. You can feel it, but when you try to hold it, you come up empty-handed. If I could choose the form of my motivation it would be something sticky or firm, but pliable, maybe something like play dough.

The things I could do if my motivation was like play dough. I could mold it to what I wanted and needed. One day it could be a ball to keep me balanced, another day it could be a cylinder, to give me something to hold on to.

Maybe my motivation is what I make it. Maybe I think of it as water, when I need to think of it as play dough. I know that everyday wont be easy. There will be days were I don’t want to do a thing, just lay about and be lazy. Those will be the days that I get my play dough out and manipulate my motivation.-SH

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