Gear Review-Mino Shoe Tracker

Do you have multiple pairs of shoes that you run in? Ever wish there was an easier way to track the miles that you put on each pair? Or even suffered an injury due to running in  over worn, broken down shoes? The Mino shoe tracker is the easy, worry free answer to all of these issues.

Mino’s are an insert that goes in the heels of your shoes, under the insole, that measure the distance traveled in your shoes. The distance that every shoe is made to handle may vary from shoe to shoe but a large majority are meant to handle 400 miles, and that is the distance the Mino is made for. There are 4 LED lights built into the Mino (one light for every 100 miles). All you do is push the button and check how much life your shoes have left.

I have to say that I am a huge fan of this product!! I have multiple pairs of shoes that I rotate, depending on distance or trail surface. This is by far the easiest, worry free way to keep track of miles that I have been able to find. I used to have to keep track in a notebook. I tried the Map My Run app to track miles on each, but would forget sometimes to change pairs. It just turned out to be a mess! As far as comfort goes, I was pleasantly suprised that I couldn’t feel the Mino at all. The Mino is a 2mm insert that goes in the heel of one shoe, they also include a matching insert for the other shoe to keep things on the level. I would say that the best thing about it is that you don’t know its there.

So the next time you pick up a new pair of shoes, make sure that you grab a Mino! If you go to and use promo code HINOJOSA you will get 50% off of your purchase. Remember #minokeepsyourunningmino2

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