Strava Segment of the Week-NW Arkansas

Well I didn’t do a very good job at all during the holidays to keep the Stava segments coming but it is still my plan to add a different one to chase every Friday. Not only is it fun, its a great way to measure your progress. Plus, I guess it gives me an outlet for my competitive nature that isn’t an actual race.

For this weeks segment we will stay on my “home” trails at Lake Atalanta. Its a short 0.3 mile loop called Lasso and for this week we will be doing “Lasso Counter Clockwise”. Although its a short loop, its one that I always throw into my commute runs to and from work. This one is for Summer, she really likes it. Its very peaceful and kind of secluded. On my morning runs I can usually count on spooking a few deer and have seen some pretty large bucks up there.

This one is within reach for anyone who gives it a go. I plan on taking it and somebody getting one of the dreaded emails letting them know. Good Luck!!-JH

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