January 17. 2017

Day 4 of sickness. My son decided to share the flu with me. So wonderful!

I miss running, but my lungs are full of mucus, so that is a no go. What I have been enjoying the last few days is Yoga with Adrian. I’ve never been into the full yogee zone and the way that they talk, but I do like the stretches and they make my body feel good.

On to the next subject: Primal is going great. I have had zero cravings and am loving the food I am eating. I will have to post some pictures soon. Last night we had lamb meat balls in crushed tomato sauce over zucchini noodles with a big green salad. Super yummy!!!

On my way to work this morning I was listening to Mark Nepo’s The One Life We Are Given, and he said something that really resonated with me. He talked about walls and how we put them up when we get hurt. All that does is dam in the hurt. It traps in the emotion. You think that you are protecting yourself, keeping the hurt out, but all you are doing is hurting yourself more. I swear a light lit up in my mind. I do that I put walls up. I have so many walls, I could probably compete with the Wall of China. Maybe it’s time to start tearing them down.


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