I’ve always ran to lose weight, but lately I have come to realize that I don’t need running to lose weight. Primal will do that for me. I need to find new reasons to run. To let the wind blow in my hair. To feel life pulse around me in the wilderness. I want to run because it makes me feel good, not because I’m trying to live up to someone else’s expectations, not even my own expectations.

I have come up with a few reasons why I run, and maybe they will help me get myself back into my running mode. 1. I enjoy the outdoors. I have always loved the great outdoors. The beauty and smell of it :). 2. I love the way it feels when my blood is pumping through my body. 3. I look forward to a good hill climb (not the decent though). 4. New shoes (I love myself some new shoes, and the only way I can justify them is if I use the piss out of them). 5. It helps to clear out my mind. Sometimes I feel like it gets bogged down with debris. When I run my mind clears up, running clear and smooth. So far that is what I have come up with.

By nature I’m not a competitive person. There are moments that I don’t want someone to beat me, but as a whole I could care less. I like myself like this. It creates less stress, and who doesn’t like less of that. I will find my way back to running, it just might take a bit.

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  1. CeeJayKay says:

    OH WOW! i could have written that… SO much like me! So cool! NEW shoes are the best… i find them motivational… ha ha, is that addiction at its BEST?
    Kewl blog, looking forward to following you and hubby x


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