Carson Footwear Ambassador Team!!

Sooo….. we are now Carson footwear ambassadors!!! Josh and I are so excited. I thought that there was no way they would choose me (I knew Josh was a shoe-in). When Josh text me that he was in, I was happy and jelly at the same time, but he told me to check my e-mail. I did, the surprised feelings I had were wonderful. I sat at my computer and clapped my hands while my coworkers looked at me like a strange creature they had never seen before. Joy, happiness, excitement were a swirling mass inside my belly. I feel like I am going to go far with these shoes.

When I first discovered this company I knew that I wanted to be an ambassador for them. They are a minimalist footwear company with zero drop products (why wouldn’t I be interested). Everything that they stand for I believe in.

The aspects of this company that I love are: They are 100% made in Milwaukie, Oregon (home state). They have the same base for all footwear, but different designs on their upper material (which are really neat looking). They are a new, up and coming company that started in 2013. There are no hard edges to their shoes and I have heard that they drain well.

I am looking forward to getting a new pair very soon. I want to take them off road and see what they can do. I have strong feelings that they will become my new favorite shoe, but only time will tell. -SH

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  1. CeeJayKay says:

    Oh how flipping kewl!!!!! Congrats! ENJOY ENJOY!!!! X


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