Primal Journey Has Begun

Have you ever heard a podcast and what they were saying just clicked? Josh had me listen to Primal Endurance # 46 with Jeff Browning (a favorite ultra runner). He started to talk about the dietary changes he has made and how they have benefited his life and running. It all made sense to me. We lived a 90% healthy lifestyle, but had occasional candy, and we consumed wheat products.

On our way down to the Bandera 100K we picked up Primal Blueprint at Barnes and Noble and downloaded Primal Endurance (because we are endurance runners) on Audibles. I read the whole book that weekend and listened to the first few chapters of Primal Endurance. I was all in. I could see all the reasoning to change my eating habits. I knew that this was were I wanted to take my life, and the lives of my family. Primal made sense.

I started my Journey on January 7 2017. When I returned home I raided my cupboards and threw away everything that wasn’t primal. We didn’t eat dairy or eggs, so it was going to be a little bit more difficult, but I knew we could over come this obstacle. My 4 year old son was the hardest to switch over (he loved bread and pancakes). I have since come up with what we call cookie cakes and he loves them as much as pancakes.

We are now almost 5 month into Primal and I have never felt better. My acne is gone. I no longer get the shakes if I haven’t eaten. My digestion has improved. My skin looks radiant. My nails are stronger. My blood work for my wellness check up was amazing compared to last year. These are just a few benefits of my dietary change.

From a Primal Endurance stand point, things are going phenomenally. I can fuel less often. I can do longer fasted runs. I don’t get ravenously hungry after a long run. I no longer have gut pain after a run. I just feel like a better runner. We will see as my race year is just starting.

I plan to continue my Primal Journey for all of my life. I am also in the process of becoming a Primal Health Coach, which is exciting.

This world is my playground. I can play and frolic where I want.

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  1. I’m no runner but I love the Primal Blueprint way of eating for weight loss. I incorporated the breathing techniques Mark discusses during my HIIT cardio sessions with great success. Congratulations on your journey. I’m looking forward to reading more posts from you.


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