Mt. Magazine Trail Work Day

On the 15th of April, Summer and I were able to lend a hand at a trail work day on the Mt. Magazine trails. We both ran the 18 mile race that is put on by AURA(Arkansas Ultra Runners Assoc.) last year and are registered to run again this year.

Mt. Magazine is home to the highest elevation point in Arkansas, Signal Hill which sits at 2753 ft. In 1938 the area became part of the Ozark National Forest and the Civil  Conservation Corps(CCC) began construction. They built roads, trails, an amphitheatre and two dams that would create Cove Lake and Spring Lake. There is no way to tell for certain but I’d be willing to bet that some portions of the trails have been unmaintained since being built. The race will be in its 7th year and the Forest Service approached Paul Turner, who is the race director, about organizing a maintenance day.

We camped at the base of the mountain, at the Cove Lake recreation area. Absolutely had a blast with our family and was able to get a decent amount of work done. Very much looking forward to his years race!!!

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