When Motivation is Not Present

Do we always have motivation? Are we always driven? Do we always complete the goals we set for ourselves? For me, the answer is NO. I’m not always feeling it. I don’t always want to write. I don’t always want to run. I don’t always want to make my posts on my social media accounts.

How do I deal? Well, I ride it out because if I don’t then I burn myself out. I try to live an intuitive lifestyle. I try and do what I feel is right, even if it doesn’t align with the grand scheme of things, but maybe it does. Just maybe I need to recharge so that I can push forward, conquer what lays before me with everything I have.

What I have noticed about my nonmotivational moments are they run in a pattern. I can stay motivated for 6-8 weeks and then I have a 2ish week slump. I do the bare minimum. I cut things from my life that suck me dry. I work on self-care and self-love. These two things are what recharges me. They fill my days with relaxation, meditation, music, reading, podcasts, and yoga.

You may ask what kind of books I like to read when I’m feeling unmotivated? The answer (it may surprise you) is fantasy. Fantasy is one of the keys to my rejuvenation. It helps to activate my imagination and get my brain flowing with otherworldly things. I love reading about dragons, knights, mages, far off countries that have dark beasts. All of them are my favorites, as long as the work is well written then I’m all in.

You also may ask what kind of music I rock out to. Well, my go-to answer is punk. I love Silverstein, Neck Deep, Can’t Swim, Belmont, Capstan, High Five, Holy Smokes, Vera Forever, Boston Manor, Boys of fall, Bring Me the Horizon, A Day to Remember, Fossil Youth, and countless others. I also like NF, Andy Mineo, and Jon Billion. Different music for different moods is what works best for me.

You may wonder what Podcast may be my thing. Mainly I listen to educational things that align with how I live my life. The Aubrey Marcus Podcast, Ben Greenfield Fitness, Broken Brain, Paleo Solutions Podcast, Fit For the Kingdom, Hard to Kill Radio, High Intensity Health, Primal Blueprint Podcast, Primal Endurance Podcast, and about 40 more.

Yoga and meditation run along the same lines for me. They help my brain to power up. They strengthen and condition my brain so I’m able to put my all into my next energy surge. I enjoy Yoga with Adrian on YouTube and my VHX subscription. I know that there are multiple ways to meditate. I really enjoy using the Headspace app. I’m always learning new things and they are always putting new meditation on their space.

Not having motivation is not the end of the world, for me its the beginning. It’s the beginning of new things. It’s the charge before the storm. It’s the first rays of light at the beginning of the day. The important thing is that you recharge, that you don’t let it drag you down, don’t let it dash all your hopes and dream. Let non-motivation set you on the path to recovery, so that you may concur what lays before you. -SH

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  1. Canuck Carl says:

    The important thing is to look after yourself, and I think you are doing just that. Yoga is such a wonderful thing to utilize for self care! 🙂


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