Whats Next?

There are so many things next. I’m not even sure what some of them are yet, but I can feel them coming my way. Lately, I’ve been feeling like 2020 is going to be a big year for me. It’s this bubbling, fizzing sensation in the pit of my stomach. Years ago this feeling would have scared me, but I’ve changed, learned to open myself more. Learned that change is good, even if the outcome isn’t what you wanted.

This is the perfect camper

So next for me is buying a travel camper. As of right now, I have my eyes set on an Aliner Family addition. Josh and I are slowly going to transition our lives into living full time in a camper. Traveling the USA, running adventuring, living our lives to the fullest. Don’t get me wrong, I love where my life is right now, but I have big dreams that will become reality.

This year I really want to push my running mileage. For 2019 I ran 600ish miles. For me being such a big lover of running, that’s not much. So the goal for 2020 is to double those miles, to run over 1200 miles. I think that that’s a worthy goal for me. It will keep me moving forward, maybe into more races, maybe into a running community, but let’s not push it too far. I am the lone runner.

Something next is also more camping. I love nature. I love being away from the masses, cellphones, and electricity. I know that having a camper will make everything a little more convenient, but I will still be in remote areas running on trails I’ve never been on. Plus, I’m the Queen of camping, if you didn’t know. I’ve camped my whole life. I’ve dug my own toilet. I’ve made my own shower from a water bottle. Though, I’ve yet to build a fire without the help of a lighter or match.

What better activity to accompany camping then reading. This year I want to read more books. Not self-help, self-love, or self-anything books, but books that tell a story. Books that inspire me to live. Books that inspire me to love the human race. There are so many books out there ready to inspire me. And I’m ready for them. I don’t have a specific number, just more then the 6 I read in 2019.

If I add all of that to this year, I will have grand adventures in 2020. It will give me something to built this decade on. Every year I will add and minus things to make life a challenge, because to me what is life if there is no challenge. I’m not talking about drama. I’m talking about things that help you grow, and evolve into a better human.