An ambitious build up to the OHT 50K…

If you know me and/or follow the blog, you’ll know that I like to have a schedule planned out. It makes it much easier for me to prepare mentally and always helps to get me out of bed for an early morning run to work. As of this point, I will be waiting like everybody else for the Western States 100 lottery on Dec 1st to determine my summer plans. While I can accept that as just being part of the deal, I wanted to be proactive and plan out the first few months of my “year”. So I looked around a bit and threw together a schedule for the next few months. One that will have me fit and ready to tackle the summer, whatever that might mean.

12/1/18 LOViT Trail Marathon

12/8/18 Back 40 Trail Run (40 miler)

1/5/19 Athens Big Fork Marathon

1/19/19 Ouachita Switchbacks 50K

2/2/19 White Rock 50k

3/9/18 Ozark Highlands 50K

I have completed 3 of the 6 races in the past and have been looking at the others for the past few seasons. Summer and I will be running LOViT and White Rock together, as she is prepping for OHT 50K as well. It is probably our favorite race and will always have our support. I look at it as our winter “A” race every year. Now that its part of the AURA UTS Series, it should get the kind of participation a top quality race deserves.

It’s going to be a lot of fun, and a ton of hard work! -JH

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