Carson Footwear: 10/10 Vs. 12/12

I have been wearing Carson shoes for almost two years. When I first started with the cheetah print pair, there was only the 10/10 mm sole. I fell in love with the shoe. I wore them at all times, to work, to run, to walk. They made my feet feel amazing. I no longer had sore feet, shin splints, knee pain, hot spots, blisters, or tender toes. I couldn’t ask for a better shoe, but I was wrong.

In come the 12/12 mm sole. On Carson’s web site he calls them aggressive, which they are. They look mean like they could take a bit out of you. I love them. I could shout it at the top of the highest roof “I love the aggressive tread on the Carson shoes!”

I have worn the 12/12 mm close to 80 miles on nothing but trails, they eat Arkansas trails up. I no longer skid on loose rocks. I no longer spray rocks back at my husband when we run single track. They may be 2 mm thicker, but they still have the same ground feel which is why I love them. They are still amazingly flexible. The uppers are the same as before, breathable and light.

In my mind’s eye, there have been no negative changes between the two shoes. The improvement in the tread is great. I love that Carson doesn’t have a new shoe every year. That they stay the same. Some companies out there are constantly changing the shoe, making “improvements”. Usually I don’t like them. I used to wear Altras, but know I can’t stand them.

Don’t get me wrong, the 10/10 are still amazing. They have a lower profile, which helps me to feel more stabilized. The tread on the bottom is just rough enough to handle all of the loose rocks and pebbles. They are lighter than the 12/12, which seems to matter to some people. Honestly, the Carson’s feel like there is nothing on my feet. The weight is distributed so well.

Ultimately it comes down to the tread. They are both amazing. My recommendation would be if you live in a rocky, root infested, or loose gravel area go with the 12/12s. If you live in an area with buffed out trails then go with the 10/10. There you have my opinion on the Carsons new 12/12. Take it or leave it. -SH

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